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Welcome to tropifauna.co.uk   - the website of Tropifauna Farms


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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the extremely high number of e-mails we receive, we would really appreciate if you first read our FAQ, and then contact us, thanks a lot! It was created with the idea to give you the answers even before mailing us, thus saving both our and your time. The FAQ will be regularly updated to ensure it includes the majority of questions we receive every day.

General questions about the site (site's features, sections, submissions etc.)

01. Where does the name of Tropifauna Farms come from?

During the late '80's early '90's, we had a reptile store in Cirencester, Glos trading as Tropifauna. When we re-located to Cheltenham, we changed the store name to Aztec Reptiles, but retained the Tropifauna trading name. Please read About us

02. When was Tropifauna Farms founded?

One of the partners (Ty Milsom) started keeping reptiles and trading back in 1983 in the City of Bath. Since then, the business moved to Cirencester, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham.

03. Who's behind the site?

The IT is headed by Ty Milsom, and assisted by a dedicated Web Development Team.

04. How are you connected to Cotswold Reptile Centre?

Ty Milsom founded Cotswold Reptile Centre, but sold the centre in 2011 due to other commitments and ventures.

05. Can I buy online?

We DO NOT sell livestock online, as we feel we need to be in direct contact with buyers of our livestock, to ensure we give complete and total backup.

06. Are you connected to Naturerep?

Ty Milsom was the founder of Naturerep, but sold the company in 2009.

07. How often do you update the site?

Hopefully more regularly than in the past!

08. I have a reptile related question, although I'm sure you get hundreds of e-mails per day, can you help me, please?

Sure. We'll try to respond to your questions as soon possible, but indeed, we're getting hundreds of e-mails per day, so please, be patient. Direct your herp related questions to email

9. Is the livestock list you put on the site, actually what you have instock?

All animals listed for sale on this site have been bred by us, unless otherwise stated. We do not advertise animals we dont have, unlike many reptile centres and websites! You should always contact us first before travelling to the store, just incase the species you require has been sold out prior to the list being updated.

10. Do you provide a guarantee with your livestock?

In a manner of speaking yes. We guarantee that all animals are feeding and appear outwardly healthy and free from infection, at the time they are offered for sale. We do not guarantee reptiles after they have left our premisis, as it is impossible to control how they have been maintained. We have regulated this approach for over 20 years and have not received any problems. Please read Terms

11. Do you sell to the trade?

Yes we do. We are looking to offer more to the trade sector this coming year 2013.

12. Do you ship Worldwide?

Yes. Minimum international order is £1,000.00

13. Do you deliver in the UK?

Depends on the prevaling weather conditions and the species involved, but generally yes. We are very fussy! Better to take the trip and visit our centre, we will even make you a cup of coffee!

14. Do you sell at reptile shows/expos?

Not at the moment.

15. What vivariums do you recommend?

We use several different types, and it depends what species we are housing. We like John Allen, Vision Cages, fibreglass and AGT's (all glass terrariums). Each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

16. Where do you get your breeding stock?

Our breeders have been sourced from across the World and acummulated over decades! We have Boa's from the USA, Bearded Dragons from USA, Italy, Germany, Japan, Belgium and Slovenia etc.... We do not compromise with the quality and diversity of our founder stock, and neither should you. Our babies are comparable with the best of the best anywhere in the World.

17. Why don't I just buy my baby off the classifieds on the net?

Course you can! But are you actually buying what they are advertising? We know plenty of people who have travelled across the length of the country to buy some bargain morph only to discover it's not what they have advertised, or the wrong sex or worse still; sick! Sure it's a het......really!? Gonna stake your name on it?! We do! All our babies are sold with full paperwork.

We respect your opinion - negative or positive!



Fiji Banded Iguana's
Spotted Fiji Banded Iguana's
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Moonglow Boa

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Red Italian Leatherbacks

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